Activity 5

01 April 2022
Regional Arts Mobility and Visiting Program - Workshop by Ministry of Culture of Albania

ART PARK project, which revitalizes the natural park and turns it into an art space, will soon be in the service of artists and citizens, requalifying the former Kino studio area and turning it into a cultural and social pole. The new space, which is expected to be added to the capital in April 2022, will be accessible to artists, cultural operators, creative entrepreneurs and a range of complementary and interactive sectors that would potentially provide a sustainable development of the Park.

The project consists in developing a series of brainstorming workshops and meetings with national and international actors, in order to identify some of the best practices implemented around the word and valuable ideas that would be beneficial in the long run for the Albanian perspective. The implementation of this project consists in developing six activities, which till now are implemented four workshops.

Activity 5: Workshop: Regional Arts Mobility and Visiting Program

In this phase of the project implementation during the workshop was analyzed the economic potential of the project. Since the Ministry of Culture has proposed an open public meeting with the local community and with the artistic representatives, this meeting was concentrated in analyzing the potential of ARCH. Also a tour of the building Park of Art | Art Residency and Creative Hub was done, followed with  Short Presentation on the community engagement process and open discussion on issues that could be faced during the implementation of the project, issues of the cultural sector that this project can offer solutions, how can this project create added value for the artistic community and how can such structure function as a mechanism to boost an economic potential for the artistic community.