Park of Art – Investment in multi-functional culture center

30 March 2023
Park of Art – Investment in multi-functional culture center

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, in implementation of the "3C – Cross border exchange for the development of Cultural and Creative Industries " project within the Interreg IPA CBC Italy- Albania - Montenegro 2014-2020 Program aims to revitalize the territory of the former Kinostudio "Shqipëria e Re", Tirana (Park of Art), transforming it into an open space for the community and will serve as a model of cooperation for the creative, cultural and innovation industry categories in Tirana, Albania.

It is precisely one of the main products of the "3C” project, the opening of four highly functional centers / cultural spaces in the region of Albania, Italy and Montenegro. These centers will be used mainly for the development of the Regional Mobility of the Arts and the program of visits. The spaces can be used for educational seminars, presentations, demonstrations, etc. Realization of the Park of Art and the requalification of the territory of the Former Kinostudio “Shqipëria e Re", is the promotion of the cultural heritage values that this area contains and the increase in the number of visitors to the park who increase and generate income for the park, increase the possibility of cultural artistic production, youth education and community cohesion through art - culture.

The development of a cultural center in one of the most valuable buildings in the city, which also has the status of "Cultural Monument", aims to achieve an urban revitalization of the area, not only by rebuilding’s the entire complex, but also by creating active infrastructure that will encourage the development of the cultural and creative sector. The idea of the Italian artist and architect Alfredo Pirri aims to revitalize the park around the Ministry and turn the public space around Kinostudios in the service of art and the community, giving the area a great development. The new space, will be accessible to artists, cultural operators, creative entrepreneurs and a range of complementary and interactive sectors that would potentially provide a sustainable development of the Park and turning it into a cultural and social pole.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to a better cooperation of the area for the distribution of innovative cultural and creative products through the Regional Mobility of the Arts and the program of visits and the platform of a common cross-border network. The importance lies in creating a synergy between these sectors and starting a sustainable platform for cooperation, exchange of knowledge, information, plans and joint actions, in order to share the creative potential throughout the region. Stakeholders involved in the process include:

  • Creative and cultural industry;
  • Non-profit cultural sector;
  • Public Cultural Institutions;
  • Public Broadcasting Service Organizations;
  • The private  sector  which covers  a  wide range of  operations in all areas of  cultural production.

The project presents various activities, which achieve objectives that fully contribute to the specific objectives of the Program. These specific objectives include:

  • Establish cross-border cooperation platforms and networks in the cultural and creative industries;
  • Increasing experience in the creative sector through the Regional Arts Mobility and visiting program.

Objectives relate specifically to key outcomes, including:

  • Regional Arts Mobility and visitation program;
  • The opening of four highly functional cultural centers / spaces in the region;
  • Network of Regional Culture enterprises including interactive digital platform.

Park of Art intervenes in three main points:

  • Revitalization of the park of the Ministry of Culture, as well as the surrounding areas;
  • Activation of the spaces of the Park with cultural pavilions, and spaces for activities in the service of the public and the cultural center;
  • Revitalization of the end building of the former Kinostudio into a "New Cultural Center".

The project will create an important cultural pole for the capital, space to host cultural and artistic activities as well as exhibitions, social economic revitalization of the former Kinostudio area, making this area a new point of reference for young artists.

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