3C workshop in Puglia
07 November 2022
3C Workshop in Puglia - Selected Artits

The selection phase of the artists who will be engaged in a workshop in Puglia from 24th to 26th of January has officially ended. 

Puglia Region has selected 2 artists from Montenegro, 2 from Albania, 2 from Molise and 2 from Puglia. 


The workshops will aim to create and produce different products in the field of cultural and creative industries. 

The 3 workshops will be conducted by:

-ResExtensa Dance Company, the aerial dance, directed by Elisa Barucchieri

- Paulicelli Light Design, le "Luminarie"/Illumination, traditional Apulian craftsmanship, directed by Domenico Paulicelli

- Equilibrio Dinamico Company, digital languages and narration, directed by Vincenzo Losito.


In the document below you can find the names of the selected artists. 


07 November 2022
Selected Artists