3C Workshop Art Park
Tirana, Albania
17 March 2022
3C Project, Workshop "Art Park"

The Ministry of Culture of Albania is developing a cultural hub in one of the most valuable structures, which has also the status of a monument of culture. This neoclassic complex was projected from the Soviet Union in 1950 and was built from Albanian specialists. During the communist régime the building functioned as the National Film Studio Kinostudio Shqiperia e Re. Within this context, the Ministry of Culture has designed a customized project, which aims to achieve an urban regeneration of the area not only by reconstructing the whole complex, but also by creating active entities that will encourage the development of the cultural and creative sector.
The project consists in developing a series of brainstorming workshops and meetings with national and international actors that aims:

-    Increasing the public participation in the decision-making processes regarding cultural policies;
-    Identifying some the main local issues on the cultural sector and tackle them through a root-cause approach;
-    Identifying some of the best practices of cultural hubs and creative industries in developed countries;
-    Improving the regional network and mobility of artists, and build capacity through brainstorming processes and exchange of experiences;
-    Finalizing the project with a high quality written proposal on the development of the Residential Cultural Hub.

In this framework four workshops have been realized, such as "Pitch Meeting, Creative Hubs, Creative and Cluster Industries, Arts and Culture". In those activities have participated foreign partners of the project, as well as local actors, aiming exchange of ideas, experiences and some of the best practices implemented. 
The Ministry of Culture recognizing the role played by the cultural and creative sectors in territorial development as strategic key resources for the region, has pursued a comprehensive program of cross-border activities to promote the growth of cross-border cultural and creative industries that can act as a catalyst for the economy and development. 
The success of the project is related to the use and synergistic combination of assets that will be accumulated from the development of joint products and services, through a network that functions as a platform for cooperation between key actors in the creative industries. 
The setup of Regional Arts Mobility and Visiting Program will enhance building partnerships and contacts; creating networks; promoting new markets to Arts Visiting; creating new jobs in the culture and creative sectors; promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue. The Ministry of Culture currently is working on organizing the fifth activity “Assembling the Strategy” that consist in presenting the concept-idea drafted so far. The presentation will be delivered through a live session with participation of the local and foreign Stakeholder.